Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Anwers About Life From My Point of View...

 What type of sportive activities would you like to get involved and why?

Football is the most sportive activity that I want to get involved. There are some reasons about football that can be elaborate. First and the most important reason is sports can give our physical body healthier. This benefit is not only for physical but mentally as well. In addition, we can develop a network while playing football because this sport is usually will gather and involve many players and supporters. For example, we can develop and take advantage of contacts for our businesses and so on. Also not be denied, football offers a lucrative career opportunity to talented players. This happens due to the formation of several football leagues that offers a lucrative salary in Europe.

Who is the most influenced person to you and what you have learned from him/her?

My grandfather is the most influence person to me because he has been guiding me from early age until finish high school. I learned a lot about life from him. He has taught me how to live in a modest lifestyle. He will only buy what he only needs and avoids excessive buying. For example, if anything had broken he will fix it first, only when it can’t be fixed, then he will buy. Furthermore, he likes to ride a bicycle, everyday he rides a bicycle to everywhere. As a result, he maintained his healthy body even though he is 80 years old.

What is your hobby and why?

My hobby is taking a picture or in other words, is photography. I like this hobby because it is related to arts, adventures and surroundings. Picture is worth a thousand words, and it is also unforgettable. Without a picture, we cannot imagine the past. I went to several countries just to fulfil my photography interest. So, by doing this hobby it could bring me closer to other cultures and getting a new experience there. Other than that I can also get to participate in a photography competition. There are many photography competitions offered and some of them offer a good gift too.

What is the best food in your mind and why we need a balanced diet?

I think the best food is something that consists of vitamins, iron, protein and carbohydrate. In this case, I choose a combination food where it has a fish, meats, vegetables, fruits and potatoes. A balanced diet is a good for health because its support our daily energy usage. If we eat a balanced food, our body and mind will stable and this is very important to us when we are doing a daily routine such as working, studying or playing. A balanced food can make our sensory function properly. Avoiding junk foods is better because fat contained in these foods can cause several diseases such as diabetes, heart problem and, etc.

Distance learning or study on campus, which is the most appropriate to use?

Distance learning is something, which related to studying from other places such as at home or at a different country. Sometimes it is suitable for the disabled person as well. Meanwhile, study on campus is exactly like a traditional way of study, which attend to the classroom and discussions.

For example, if I am not understood for some information, I can easily ask to the lecturer or friends directly, and the answer is immediately. But the scenario is different in distance learning, it takes some times to know the answer. Furthermore, study on campus will have a different lifestyle which I think can help to maintain the pace of learning.

Online reading or a book, which is better?

Nowadays, there are many ways can be used to read, which are from the newspaper, books or online reading. In my opinion, reading through books is better because it can be taken anywhere. Book is retraceable rather than online reading. Another thing is online reading may damage the eyes if we use it for a long time.

For example, I can read a book while I am lying on the bed or while waiting for the bus but when we are reading online, the situation is more static and stress.

Working at home or in the office, which is better?

For me, working at home is a better choice. There are several reasons here, firstly, because we can save some money or budget on the transportation such as fuel and tolls. Secondly, we can reduce congestion on the roads. Next, it can facilitate mothers who have young children to have a time for their children without sending them to the care centre. It also can save money too.

Another point is the savings to employers, for example, to accommodate a large group of workers. It needs a quite large space to rent but if the workers become lesser, a small area is just enough to accommodate them.

Late decision or fast decision, which one gives a better result?

The decision will impact the outcome. Some occasions need a fast decision, for example, we have to respond immediately during the meeting but some occasions need a time to investigate. Because, some comparison should be done before we choose the best result. I choose to give a late decision if I have a time to think.

For example, on buying a house, we have to make a detail study where the location is, how long the distance, knows it future planning or is that the best price offered. Because this is involving sums of money to pay so we have to find the best of the best. Give ourselves some time to make a best decision.
by firrbudi @ Suruhanjaya Tenaga, Putrajaya : 11 Oktober 2010