Monday, December 19, 2011

Our first 3 months in Edinburgh

The first three months in Edinburgh were so interesting. Definitely, we’ll not forget the moments ever and forever. Finally, we could permeate the pressure and standing at the same platform with the others. There were so many emotions involved before and after the arrival. Everything is totally new to us. However, this is our choice, and we have to fight and strive for it. First of all, we would like to thank to all EMSA family for their supports at the first time we met, until now. Without them, we couldn’t make it easily.

My first impression on Edinburgh was unbelievable. This city is much better than it looks in the web. Edinburgh has its own senses. I could find peace, love and harmony in Edinburgh. Especially the locals, there are so gentle, generous and kind-hearted, it's totally diverse than I thought. It can be described as a Malay village with friendly folks and great respect for guests. They are living in so a modesty way of life. Humble in every aspect, even I can’t find the difference between poor and rich. I know some of them are able to have three or four storey private bungalows on top of the hills (just what we can easily find in KL) but none such houses I found in Edinburgh. They are really blended with the surroundings. Here, materials do not measure the quality of life. Before I bought a car, I was using a bus for my transportation to the school. Sometimes I couldn’t prepare small change, and still I can proceed with whatever I have at that time. Here, positive thinking is more preferred whilst profit at the bottom-line.  As a conclusion they are living with honest. Thumb up!

This city was founded hundreds of years ago, maybe before 1000 AD. We should learn how they preserve their buildings.  I’m now staying in a 1600 AD flat and it still in a very good condition.  It probably could stand for another 100 years or maybe until the end of the world. I still can believe it. No extensions and does not show off. Everybody live in the society and wants to be a part of it (this will not happen in KL, the more you have money the house will be more outstanding, and the race will be no ends). Thumb up!

Generally, Scotland is a freedom country until 1701, when the Scottish parliament members agreed to join England and Wales to form a united country called United Kingdom. The decision is still regrettable, until now. That’s what I read in a book for toddlers. This is a brief history of Scotland, and the history has developed a great ‘Scottish’ race. They are not simply to erase the history that makes up their culture. History is much appreciated by all people either locals or immigrants, even though the immigrants appear more successful in the economic sector here (this is my opinion by what is seen only).

We are now adapting their culture, climate and way of thinking because we are under the same sky and standing on the same ground. As one of Malay idiom's states “dimana bumi dipijak disitu langit dijunjung."

Written by Firrbudi @ Edinburgh, Scotland : 20 December 2011

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