Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fly To Edinburgh : Where It All Begin (Chapter 1)

CHAPTER 1: Where It All Begin

Everything was started two years ago. In September 2009 I guess. My friend got the opportunity to further his study overseas. I didn’t realize about this golden opportunity that just near me. It all about you, either you want it or just let it to others. I got a phone call that time and someone has congratulated me for getting an offer to further study. I just confounded and confused. How can it be, I didn’t do anything. Not even fill up the form. On the next day, an email appeared in my mailbox and wished me the same thing. Now I know, they were confused because there is a man has a same name with me. He is the right person to receive all the congratulations, not me. By the way, it was the way I knew about HLP (a scholarship for government servants like me to pursue study).

Coincidently, my close friend (Saiful) got the offer too. From him I got the full overview about the HLP and since that time I pegged a dream to be one of them. Saiful told me about the challenges that I will deal with. He drove me to keep trying and don’t be a loser. Because there is no impossible thing in the world, changes can happen if you try to change it. There is a way if you find the way.

I continue my life as usual and kept entering JPA website almost everyday a month before April 2010. On the day JPA has announcing of HLP 2011 registration is opened, again I got confounded. I don’t know where to start. I filled up the form straight away and the desire has completely controlled me. Now there is no day or night for me. I have to make this mission perfectly accomplish as I can. I leave everything and concentrate on searching the very right topic. Something that related to architecture and new or still unexplored in Malaysia. I browsed a few universities website and i decided to raise the topic of “Sustainable Design”.

To be continued in chapter 2 : Processes and Procedures

by firrbudi @ TIMA : 11th May 2011