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Fly To Edinburgh : UK Visa Application Procedures (Chapter 3)

CHAPTER 3 : UK Visa Application Procedures
Another 60 days in counting and a fasting month in between, is going to be a fast period for me. Actually, I am now at the last part of the preparation; the visa application. The application was quite tricky and confusing, for the first timer like me. Guidance and assistant from the expert and experienced was really helpful. Thanks to them (Q&A friends). Here are some tips for the next student candidates for the visa application.

First, starts the application when you have been accepted the CAS reference number. Approximately 3 months before your class begins the sponsor university will provide you this official number. Make sure you know whether an ATAS clarification is applied on you or not. If ‘yes’ do it immediately, and if ‘no’ you can fill up the online forms straight away. Before that, my suggestion, all the informations regarding the visa guidelines and so on must be collected first. It is to make sure you know what you are doing.

Secondly, completing your visa application form. Do it calmly and 100 percent attention. Do not do any mistake, especially for part 1 and 2. If you bring along your family make sure you fill the forms separately for each of your family members or in this case, they called dependents. The correct form is VAF9 for main applicant and VAF10 for the dependents. If you are sponsored by your home government, please choose the sub-type of ‘Tier 4 (general) (sponsored) student’. The other sub-types are ‘Tier 4 (general) student’ for the self-funding, and ‘Tier 4 (scholarship) students' for the university sponsorship students. Others are very rare unless you are an underage (child) 'genius' students.

Third, prepare the document. The documents needed are degree certificate with translation, degree transcript, marriage certificate with translation, child birth certificate with translation (if applicable), current valid passport for all dependents and applicant, 2 latest photos for all applicant and dependents with bright color background, your IELTS certificate, unconditional offer letter, CAS letter, scholarship award letter (if applicable) and last but not least, a bank draft for visa fees (current charge). The supporting documents must in original and a photocopy.
Fourth, make an appointment with the valid UKBA office. You have to submit the form personally and to provide your biometrics data (excluding child below 8 years old). And also at this moment you can pay the visa application fee.

Lastly, wait for the decision. Normally, it takes a few days, and it varies depending on the type of application. Hope this information could give you an overview how the processes would be.

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