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Fly to Edinburgh : The Transition Period (Chapter 4)

 Fly to Edinburgh: The Transition Period (Chapter 4)

The hardest technical parts were over; now is the time to prepare ourselves; mentally and physically. Edinburgh is waiting for us now. Me and each of my family members have a task while living in that chilly city; mine, a great result in education; theirs, to learn and permeate the good things in western culture. Many people say that Edinburgh is a giant museum: We can’t wait to explore it finest histories and natures. Actually, we searched about Edinburgh regularly. We like the city with everything in it, architecture, festivals, natures and folks. Even though it is the second-largest city in Scotland, we believe the city has the quality of a liveable and moderate city. It’ll spice up our life!

What are inside our luggage? Travel tickets, traveler's cheques, clothes for autumn and winter, certificates and documents, passports and visas, x-ray films – these things must be ready before we start the journey. It takes weeks of shopping at several shopping complexes to find those items. We must have some knowledge about them, the information (the fleet schedules, the maximum weight of luggage, the best rate offers by money changer, etc.) can be learned from the experienced friends. All the things listed had given us went over our head.

Now, the accommodation – a house in Edinburgh – worrying me. Our absentees reduce our chance to get a house before we landed. The owners and agents have put a condition; the property must be viewed first (even though we have been engaging a Malaysia student on our behalf). We are not Scandinavian – nor the American either – they wouldn’t trust us as far as they could throw us. We are ‘the desperados, so we have to rent a house in Edinburgh, by hook or by crook!

Our days are getting quicker, there are three events in between: Fasting Month, Raya Day, and Independence Day. Whatever it is, September 7th is the final day of our presence in this blessed country. Hope to see you as what we left you Malaysia, In sha’Allah.

Written by firrbudi @ Bangi : 19th September 2011