Friday, March 29, 2013

Leith Ecology Learning Centre : The Urban Forest

About The Site

The site is a disused railway line at the end of the Pilrig Park and opposite. The advantage of this site is its location at the starting point of the master plan. It also flourishes with natural habitats and wildlife. Located at the middle of the Leith Walk transect, which would be enormous potential as a main route for human, social interaction and wildlife movement. It serves for the two divided areas, Pilrig Park at west of Leith Walk as well as linking Leith Links at east side.

About The Site Planning

The development tries to minimise the building impact on the site. The planning considers the effect of the locals businesses and the natural habitat that should not be touched. On the other hand, some upgrading works should be done especially for the backside of the garage. This area will be transformed as pedestrian ramps. Apart of the ramp infrastructure, two disabled lift accesses are provided for users arriving from Leith Walk and Pilrig Park.

The proposal also suggest improvements to existing parks and green space as well as transforming the cycling network and expanding safe routes across the site.

About The Proposed Building

The proposed building is an ecological overpass, which is serving as a social route crossing for cyclists & pedestrians. At the same time, it accommodates a few areas for learning, exhibiting and relaxing. Those activities are defining by levels, which is lectures room and cafeteria on the first level and exhibition space at the ground level.

The Building Aims

The overall building aims are implementing the renewable energy technologies such as solar panel and rain water harvesting system, using of low carbon materials and organic base materials, and promoting a balanced ecosystem on the building envelope horizontally and vertically.

Designed and Produced by Firrbudi aka Lensahijau @ The University of Edinburgh, Scotland (2012)