Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pretty Peacock...

Low Cost Fare (it's fair to the environment?)
Nowadays, earth had been polluted by industrial activities. The activities are water pollution, noise pollution and air pollution. In this topic, i'll describe more about 'air pollution' in context to air traffic. Air transportation is now heading to a new era. 'Now everybody can fly', this famous tagline used by one of the successfull low cost airline describe it, well this situation has given some positive and negative impacts to the global environment.
There are few reasons why people choose to fly rather than to drive. Firstly, it is because traveling by aircraft can safe much time and money. A few years ago, the ticket price was expensive and exclusive only a welthier person could bought it. Now, there are many low cost airline offering the cheaper ticket price eventhough the route is still the same way. The demand become higher and dramatically increase by the years. It is good for some occasions and businesses, especially for traveling and touring activities. The growth in low cost flights is giving a huge impact on generating income to tourism destinations around the world.
Besides the positive impact described above, there are some negative impacts too. Air pollution is one of them. These pollutions came from the activities of airline industry. When aircrafts take off from the airport it will release a loud noise. This noise caused the air pollution and also heat from the engines are included. In some places, the airport location is in the middle of the town. Those people who live nearby the airport could felt the discomfort feelings. When this situation happens everyday it could change someone feeling and attitude. Tension and mental distraction could evolved to them.
From the advantages and disadvantages described, the government should tackle this matter earlier before it is getting worst. One of the way is by rising the taxes. The rises of the taxes can reduce the demands and also control the numbers of aircraft take off. Another option is drafting the terms and regulation to the all airline company to use an environmental friendly aircraft. All of these suggestions has to be taken and implemented. We are sharing this world together and this action has to be done for our young future generations to live in healthy environment.
As a conclusion, growth in low cost flights must be controlled. It is not the only option we have to travel. Sometimes aeroplanes are more polluting than cars. It is good for this time around but not for long term.
by firrbudi @ Maju Tower : 30 June 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Best Potraiture Collection...

These are some potraiture pictures that i have captured from 2006 to 2010. Since 4 years in this photography field, i've been captured about an 80,000 of pictures with various of subjects and yet it is still not satisfy me...

by firrbudi @ 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Me @ Yesterday & Today...


30 years ago, i was a 'kampung boy' that lived in the middle of 'Atok's kebun'. When i was 7, Every day, Atok brings me to school with his old bicycle and a year later i rode by my own. I enjoyed my life during 6 years in primary school, the only thing that i think of is 'play'. Every time the final bell ring at every school session, i was the first one to tidy up my stuff (if there is no homework given by teachers) and sometimes i was the last one to go back if i have a lot of homework (i'll do it at the school not bringing back to home). For me, house is a playground, during my early age, i got many friends. Every day we play until late evening or until we heard 'Opah' (allahyarhamah) calling "maghrib dah, balik".

At age 13, i moved in a boarding 'agama' school at Slim River, Perak. My life has totally changed since then. When i reached 15 years old, i have the freedom, and i'am lost. I was over enjoyed myself and my boarding life ended just after the result of PMR announced. The past will not come back again, just remember it as a guide and do not regret.

My life history is dynamic. Before i am today, i worked as a 'kuih' maker in the 'kuih' factory at Kg. Baiduri, Sg. Way. I'm just 15 years old during that time (1995). I and my best friend 'Abon' lived there at the 'stinggan' factory with 2 non permit Indonesian for a month. Living in 'stinggan' factory is totally naive. I just can not imagine it. I went back to my school a day before PMR examination starts.

Here are the list of my jobs since 1995 to 2001, all the jobs from 1998-2001 done during semester break:

  • 1995 - 'Kuih' maker (Daud Kuih Factory) at Sg. Way
  • 1996 - Wood factory at Tanah Pinggir, Perak
  • 1997 - A&W restaurant at Sunway Pyramid
  • 1998 - Pizza Hut Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid
  • 1999 - Meat vendor at night market, Puchong Bt. 6
  • 2000 - Pump attendant at Shell Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
  • 2001 - Parking ticket collector at Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam
  • 2002 - till now : i have been worked at a few architectural agencies and departments

This is my yesterday life, history that makes me what i'am now. I miss that moment again.

I'm married with 2 children. My first child is Sofia (3 years old) and her brother Imraan (1 month old). Now, we live happily in our own house with the great surrounding. We work and for the beginning of our episode, its just perfect.

by firrbudi @ Maju Junction : 18th June 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Perspective of Rhetorical...

Sometimes i wondered why i live. Someone told me live as typical you are. Eventually some people showed me that life is versatile. Life is unexplorable. Today is different from tomorrow and tomorrow is another different day than yesterday. I thought that every day is the same day but i am wrong, every day is different, it is dynamic and active. We have to accept it. We do not notice it because we do it repetitively and rhetorically. Life is simple as a scarecrow and a bird phrases. Once scarecrow standing in the middle of farm, it will stand there until someone reposition it or other forces take it down. It does not move. It is static, passive and souless. A bird will fly, flying high and low, flying far away with thousand of miles. Is it we live like a scarecrow or we live like a bird?
Explore this life and you will find yourself, either you will be better or worst, rich or poor.
The choice is in your hand.
by firrbudi @ Maju Tower : 15 Jun 2010