Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Perspective of Rhetorical...

Sometimes i wondered why i live. Someone told me live as typical you are. Eventually some people showed me that life is versatile. Life is unexplorable. Today is different from tomorrow and tomorrow is another different day than yesterday. I thought that every day is the same day but i am wrong, every day is different, it is dynamic and active. We have to accept it. We do not notice it because we do it repetitively and rhetorically. Life is simple as a scarecrow and a bird phrases. Once scarecrow standing in the middle of farm, it will stand there until someone reposition it or other forces take it down. It does not move. It is static, passive and souless. A bird will fly, flying high and low, flying far away with thousand of miles. Is it we live like a scarecrow or we live like a bird?
Explore this life and you will find yourself, either you will be better or worst, rich or poor.
The choice is in your hand.
by firrbudi @ Maju Tower : 15 Jun 2010

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