Thursday, June 17, 2010

Me @ Yesterday & Today...


30 years ago, i was a 'kampung boy' that lived in the middle of 'Atok's kebun'. When i was 7, Every day, Atok brings me to school with his old bicycle and a year later i rode by my own. I enjoyed my life during 6 years in primary school, the only thing that i think of is 'play'. Every time the final bell ring at every school session, i was the first one to tidy up my stuff (if there is no homework given by teachers) and sometimes i was the last one to go back if i have a lot of homework (i'll do it at the school not bringing back to home). For me, house is a playground, during my early age, i got many friends. Every day we play until late evening or until we heard 'Opah' (allahyarhamah) calling "maghrib dah, balik".

At age 13, i moved in a boarding 'agama' school at Slim River, Perak. My life has totally changed since then. When i reached 15 years old, i have the freedom, and i'am lost. I was over enjoyed myself and my boarding life ended just after the result of PMR announced. The past will not come back again, just remember it as a guide and do not regret.

My life history is dynamic. Before i am today, i worked as a 'kuih' maker in the 'kuih' factory at Kg. Baiduri, Sg. Way. I'm just 15 years old during that time (1995). I and my best friend 'Abon' lived there at the 'stinggan' factory with 2 non permit Indonesian for a month. Living in 'stinggan' factory is totally naive. I just can not imagine it. I went back to my school a day before PMR examination starts.

Here are the list of my jobs since 1995 to 2001, all the jobs from 1998-2001 done during semester break:

  • 1995 - 'Kuih' maker (Daud Kuih Factory) at Sg. Way
  • 1996 - Wood factory at Tanah Pinggir, Perak
  • 1997 - A&W restaurant at Sunway Pyramid
  • 1998 - Pizza Hut Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid
  • 1999 - Meat vendor at night market, Puchong Bt. 6
  • 2000 - Pump attendant at Shell Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
  • 2001 - Parking ticket collector at Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam
  • 2002 - till now : i have been worked at a few architectural agencies and departments

This is my yesterday life, history that makes me what i'am now. I miss that moment again.

I'm married with 2 children. My first child is Sofia (3 years old) and her brother Imraan (1 month old). Now, we live happily in our own house with the great surrounding. We work and for the beginning of our episode, its just perfect.

by firrbudi @ Maju Junction : 18th June 2010


  1. Baca entry lu ni mengingatkan wa pada zaman menunggu result SPM..kerja di A&W Sunway Pyramid..lots of stories..dhla kedai kuda kt bawah hostel...dapat gaji terus abis..hahaha

  2. yup... zaman tu mmg kita struggle utk survive... ingat tak kita akan pegi keumah zul nak makan sebab tak de duit... hehe tapi zam hidup mcm tu mmg byk mengajar aku...mengajar aku cara utk survive... hehu...

  3. Yup bro...pengalaman mematangkan hidup..namun hidup sentiasa ada cabaran dan dugaan..itula kehidupan...