Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Are you ready for 2010 World Cup...?

The biggest sport event on earth comes again. Are we ready for their action? Now, there are just a few days more from the first kick off within South Africa againts Mexico. I'm sure our routine will be different from 11 June until 11 July. There are a few words can describe it, sleepy, moody and relationship within family members will drop dramatically. For this '2010 World Cup', i'm choose 'Spain' (i prefer a new country rather than those who had lifted the cup before) to be the favourite to lift the cup for the first time and makes a new history. My second choice is 'Diego' Argentina and the third is 'impossible' Algeria (the only muslim country qualified).

So, what's your favourite team?

by firrbudi @ Maju Tower : 01 June 2010


  1. errr......... gambar tak kena...... mana ada team MU dlm world cup..... huhuhu

    tapi model tetap macho....

  2. err.. yeke... ingat tadi world cup club2 dunia... malu nye... adus... forget it...!

  3. ini gmbr mana daa...
    sdah lama lor, kekeke
    ke shoot 1 session baru nihh.. ;)