Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Allah sees us...Wake up...!

Nearly 1.6 billion muslim population (2009) all around the world and its been made up 23% of world population ( Nowadays, from east to west muslim been known as terrorist, there are many propagandas made by the 'western power' to weak us. Recently, a bunch of flotilla activist ships attacked by the Israel army and still we only can stand and see the drama without any physical action on them. What a shame to be a muslim today. Can somebody from 1.6 billion muslim come out and say "i'm a new Saladin and islam will conquers this world again". We never learn from the past. We learned to be a follower but not a ruler. Our 'faith' been demolished for a long time, just after the last 'khalifa' brought down by the 'jew bloodshed' attarturk. We have to wake up. Allah sees us. He sees what we are doing. He knows everything. Unfortunately, we only remember Him when we in trouble. We rejected Al-Quran in our lifestyle. Now, we hope Allah will help us?

From the image above, Can you guess what is happening now, can't you?

by firrbudi @ Maju Tower : 02 June 2010

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