Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Khairis Sofia : 3rd Birthday

The Meaning of Life

I am a father of two, watching our children growing up is the best moment in a lifetime. I always pray for them to have a good luck in whatever they do. Thingking about their future life is the most i hate to imagine. This world is unlivable for me. What a pity to them. Their smile, laugh and scream by this time are the most honest emotions. It is priceless. For me there is no easy way to be a successful person. The meaning of success is not something can be measured by materials or money, it is more about satisfaction in whatever path we choose.

Happy Birthday my 'Sofia', fills your dream world with a lots of sweet memories.

by firrbudi @ Tmn. Impian Putra, Bangi : 31 August 2010

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  1. da dua tahun sofia sambut birthday bulan posa.... tahun depan mesti buat party besar2an.... jemput uncle atai datang..... bolahkan papa fird? huhuhu