Monday, September 6, 2010

Atok's World...

Learn from the elder...

My grandfather is a great guy. Atok is the coolest person in the world. While we are busy collecting wealth and money, Atok lived in so modesty world. Atok does not care anything about what most of us and other people searching for. He just live as he is and he never effected with modernisation, global world or 'benedictine order'. He is so genuine. Eventhough he has the chance to change his life, but he choose to stay, he choose to remain. Sometimes i wonder why, now i realize the reason. That is why Atok never looks as his actual age. I wish i could be like him.

At his early age, everyday Atok rides bicycle to everywhere, until he gets married and until now, he is still riding. In 1970's, he worked at tin mine at Kampar, Perak. The distance from our house to Kampar is about 40-50km. Without any excuses he rides everyday to work and he never be late. One day his chinese superior (former) asked him, "Sangit, where is your house?" And he replied, "Oooh not very far, just half an hour from here." The chinese continues, "Ok". The conversation ended. My grandfather is a very dedicated worker, he will do any job with full of patience and that is why his superior takes care about him so much. When the times out, Atok takes his bicycle and continues riding as usual. This time his superior followed him until atok reached home.

The next day, the chinese superior called atok and offered him a motorbike. He said "Sangit, your house is very far away, i followed you yesterday. I am so pity with you, now i'm offering you this motorbike, please accept and use it." Atok refuses to accept and then he gives it to the other person. Someone gives to him a motorbike for free and he rejected it. There is no other person like my grandfather in this world. Again i wonder why?

Back to the word 'benedictine order' (BO), what is that? Realize or not, we live in the world with 'order'. The 'order' makes everybody busy to collect wealth, to study as high as you can, to live comfortably and luxurious as everybody wants, all of these is an order. Who makes or drives us to all these things? The answer is no body. BO teached us from the first of our breath to the last of our life. BO teached that certificate is everything you need to survive, money is the key of life and to live with honour. Without certificate you are no body, without money you live in the 'third world nation'. This is the most dangerous enemy for muslim. This BO is more alike fantasy, it makes everybody dreaming and drunk. This is what we called "incitement of dajjal". Nauzubillah.

Can you imagine the world without dream, dreams the untrue world, there will be no fight, no war, no repression, no debts and creditors and etc. Unlucky we are living with it now. Now our generations are poisoning by this incitement. Come and make this world livable by rejecting this order. Islam is a way of life, it is perfect, the Koran teached us to live peacefully.

That is the answer of why my grandfather rejecting all of the comfort things offered. He knows that dreams will bring us to hypocrisy, fight with our own brothers, and finally human conflict will occur. Come on everybody, wake up from your deeply dreams. Now is the time to think which is true and untrue, which is the real world and the unreal. The time has come.

Lets learn from the elder...

by firrbudi @ Maju Tower : 06 September 2010

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  1. fuhhh....dah macam mat salleh dah member aku sorang ni..... respek kat atok ko gak..... selain tak kejar kebendaan, aku respek psal dia boleh speaking masa borak ngan supervisor dia...... ahaksss....