Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Family : Our Dreams...

This is our family. For this time being there are only 4 of us. As a human, we have our own dreams. There are hundred of dreams but only a few are the toughest among all. To realize these dreams are the most difficult to get but it will be the best moments i ever had. Trust and pleased is the basic feeling that we should have. Proper planning is the most important thing. It does not matter of time but it is the matter of result we will get. It may takes 5 years or more to grab something precious, just do the things that we had planned. For me, i have tried my best to realize my dreams. My past years told me that there is nothing impossible if there is a desire, there is a way.

My dark age is starting from the age of 15 till 17. At that age, i rebelled and tried to free from my own imagination problems. Until one day i realize and wake up from a long dream. That time is about april 1997, and i have only 6 months to prepare for final SPM exam. My previous results on previous examinations told how bad i am. From that awareness, i planned and rescheduled my study day and night, continue to pray and finally the dream is achieved. That is an old story but whatever it is, believe and strive is the key to success.

Now, i am dreaming again. Dreaming for the impossible dreams a year ago. Now it is so close to me, and again i have to be patience and strive again. For a year ahead, i'm sure there are many challenges to be encountered before another dream to be resolved. It will not end up here, another challenges are waiting for me for another a year ahead. I hope that my patience and luck will be faithful with me.

by firrbudi @ Maju Junction : 24 September 2010

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  1. mari kita realisasikan our dream or target bersama menuju kejayaan