Monday, September 6, 2010

Parliament House of Malaysia, Burj Dubai Hotel & Benedictine Order : The Hidden Agenda

Burj Dubai Hotel is the world's luxurious hotel on this planet and also the largest Christian cross in the world. Unfortunately, this building is facing The Holy Land Mecca. A great achievement for 'Benedictine Order'. What about in Malaysia? 

Receiving an award like degree or masters degree is everyone's dream, isn't it? But, did we notice that graduation ceremony is more alike priest ritual ceremony? Who introduced this at the first place? We do have our own style in doing it, don't we? Why should we copy this without questioning it?

Malaysia is one of the commonwealth countries and most of the Malaysia's laws and regulations were adopted from British Laws. In fact, the Malaysia's parliament house was also designed by a British architect. There were some hidden motives behind the parliament's design which it can be considered as the biggest christian cross in Malaysia. Why i said so? You can describe it yourselves. Some people try to deny this but your eyes can't, your heart also telling the same thing like the others - there is a big cross on its façade, isn't? So, this is not a rumour, this is the truth but Malaysians do not know this until they read this article. Should i shut my mouth? Or should you shut yours and think it again.

This is Parliament House of Malaysia. The architect for this building is William Ivor Shipley. He graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) in London. My topic today is not about the architectural language, but it is about the hidden agenda behind the design of the building itself. It has been built in 1962 and still being used, until now.

What is the Parliament House? And what its impact to the local community?

Parliament is a symbol of democracy, independent and sovereignty in a country, including Malaysia. In other words, parliament has been placed to be at the top of the constitution. There are a lot of essays described about the building before, and most of it were gave credentials and praises on its architecture that showed the democratic language. Not exempted to Malaysian who gave the honours to this building which actually unnoticed that we were accepted a new form of  colonialist.

I do not know what can be the bidder for this suffocate environment. The only media that I have to realize is write it down and publish it on my blog. Furthermore, I have to write it in English to make sure this massage spreads out all over the world. And I realize my ability is so limited. Sorry for my lacking.

Let's think again about our life, what we wear, eat, watch and practice. Everything is controlled by 'Benedictine Order'. We are totally adapting their culture and order. Apart from that, my question to you, what is the precious portraiture in your home? It will be the graduation ceremony, rite? Did you notice that the robe that we wear was similar with priest robe? Now, people around the world are aiming and dreaming to be on the stage receiving a degree or any certificate, it surely without intending that we are working with them to spread the understanding of 'Benedictine Order' to the local community. We facilitate their works in silence.

Wake up!

by firrbudi @ Maju Junction : 07 September 2010


  1. Sanagt lah dangkal pendapat ini

  2. Dangkal bagi mereka yang tidak mahu berfikir dan hanya menerima apa saja yang dihidangkan didepan mata sejurus dilahirkan oleh ibunya. Minda manusia telah dipesong berdekad-dekad lamanya dan saya tidak terkejut akan pendapat-pendapat sedemikian...