Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sustainable Design : The Statement


‘Sustainable design’ has been a hot topic, now it appears again. When earth has been contaminated with construction related issues and peoples are keep trying and exploring to find the best solution to iron out these matters. One of the best solutions to use is ‘sustainable design’. The solution can solve many construction issues related.

As an architect that has been designing various types of building, satisfaction is the most important to me. Satisfaction comes from many aspects including design matter, concept, and technology. There is another thing can satisfy me, it is contribution from the technology of the construction itself to the society. It is to create a better life to the future of our next generation.

From my past experience, designing a building is not just to draw the walls and openings. Furthermore, many architects now are just concentrating on the looks of the building rather than to think on how to create a homely building. In fact, every line that we draw must have a reason. During my study, my lecturer always reminds me to design a human proportion building. Without the human scale the building will looks like a problematic bulky sculpture.

For Malaysia situation, high humidity, heavy rain and extremely hot are the major keys to this type of weather. So, glass wall and flat roof are not suitable to use. But these two features are the most preferred by the designers. As an architect who worked with the government, takes the challenge to find out what is the best for my country weather is my responsibility.

Public Works Department of Malaysia is a main body to provide an infrastructure to the whole country in terms of government buildings, roads and bridges. All the policies drafted by the cabinet should be translated by PWD and to be followed by other sectors of construction fields. To learn more about ‘sustainable design’, I have to attend a coursework related which is from the UK’s universities because it is among best proven.

The coursework aimed to examine the level of implementation of sustainable design technology to the existing government buildings in Malaysia. The study on sustainable technologies to the government buildings design is important to establish a new mechanism in the management of government buildings. With this approach, asset management facilities can be assisted with the building sustainable technologies to operate better in terms of efficiency, economically and even comfortable for the occupants. It is important for all buildings to reduce overall energy consumption and financial provision for maintenance and indirectly help to reduce operational cost amount to hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

The first objective of this study is to identify the implementation of sustainable technologies into government buildings design to realize energy saving building. Meanwhile, the second objective is to study the effectiveness of the impact on sustainable technologies onto government buildings in terms of planning, design, usage of environmental friendly building materials as well as contributing towards the development of Industrial Building Structure (IBS). Research will identify the areas of sustainable technologies that can be applied to a government building. Collection of samples through the case studies will be done by selecting a number of government buildings in United Kingdom and Malaysia as a model / sample comparisons to determine the positive effects resulting from the implementation of sustainable technology on government buildings design.

All research will be collected through literature review and the specific work in the classroom to the subject (core study) and electives offered by the university. In summary this study will provide a proposal in the approach of technology / architecture that will provide direct benefits to the economy, society and comfort level of positive development towards the environment through the government buildings in Malaysia.
by firrbudi @ Maju Tower : 29 September 2010

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