Friday, October 29, 2010

Something about My Father... part 1

Can you tell about your father? When a question like this appears, 90% of them will say more than 1000 words, but another 10% will think again including me. What to story, did i have any memories with him? No! that is my answer. I have nothing to store into my mind, during this 30 years time. Even the word 'ayah' (father) is so rare and very unfamiliar to my tongue. Honestly, just a few times i used the word, only when somebody asked about him. My family members is not complete as many of you. I have been raised by 'atok' (grandfather) almost of my life and he is the only man that from him i learned to be a man. This is the reality and this is my fate. Do i regret? No, i am not. Do i miss him? Yes, sometimes but something that i want to know is what he wanted me to be. One day i will meet him and i belief there will be in this life or afterlife.

My father was born in 12 August 1955 at Kampung Kubang Halban, Kuala Kangsar, Perak. He attended school in the Clifford School Kuala Kangsar during his youth. Then he starts working at Kenderaan Klang Banting Berhad (KKBB) as a ticket conductor, after 4 years he promoted to the clerk position. There he met my mother and they married in 1977. My sister born a year later followed by me in 1980.

My mother tells me that we live in squatter house at Sungei Way, a couple of year after we moved to Kg Delek, Klang. He likes to keep the goldfish in a small aquarium and after he returns from work, he will stare on the fish for a moment. A few days before he died, my father took us back to Kuala Kangsar for celebrating his sister's wedding. He couldn't stay because of some work. A few days later, on the big day the telegram arrived and everybody got shocked, he was past away. He died alone in 17 August 1981 at Kg Delek, Klang, Selangor at age 26 years old.

by firrdhaus sahabuddin

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