Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bibliography of Sangit Selamat

This story is about my grandfather's life as what he told me during 17 years we have been lived together. What inspired me to write about him is because of his preseverance and self-esteem which he indicated over the years. For me he is a fighter, fearless and resolute person. No matter what comes face it with confidence. Made a mistake does not mean it is over but learning from mistakes is an absolute success.
He was born in 1931 at Ipoh, Perak. He is the eldest among of his siblings and Mohd Said was his given name. As a boy who lived in countryside his lifestyle was so tremendous and challenging to compare with today children at the same age. His grandparents are 'Javanese' and were earliest settlers who opened the village hundred years ago. To commemorate the event, one of the roads in the village was named by 'Selamat Street'.

To be continue...

by firrbudi aka lensahijau

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