Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kamilah is my target...

Do not get me wrong. The tattoo on my shoulder is fake. It is created by a graphic software, just to know what it is like when tattoo drawn on my body. I am a muslim. I pround to be muslim and i must obey everything that my religion prohibited. This is my new hair style, Allah has fulfilled my wish and i have to sacrifice something to show my thank sign. Essentially, Allah does not require anything from His servants, but we as His slave need His help and blessings for all the episode of our life.
To get the blessings, human being should be wise and good in their life. There are 7 stages of human soul in Islam. I will elobarate the stages later. These 7 stages are to measure where actually we are in context of human and god relationship. The stages are starting with the lowest stage 'ammarah' to the highest stage of 'kamilah'.
Here are list of the stages and the descriptions from the lowest to the highest stage.
7) Ammarah
Someone knows the act is wrong and sinful but he/she still do it anyway without guilt.
6) Lawwamah
Someone does a wrong behaviour and he/she will regret it but repeated the act again.
5) Mulhamah
Someone made a mistake and sin and then repent and change.
4) Mutmainnah
Someone who is always calm and make good.
3) Rodhiah
Someone who is pleased and calm when misfortune befell him/her.
2) Mardhiah
Someone who is pleased with the destiny of God, whether good or bad luck.
1) Kamilah
Someone who has a perfect life and can change other person to make good.
So friends, where are your position? You know better yourselves.
by firrbudi @ Bangi : 12th January 2011


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