Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan's Earthquake : What happen before it?

8th March 2011, about a million of fishes found dead in Los Angeles, USA. LA is located 5471.32 miles away from Japan. It takes two days earlier for them to give a signal of something big will happen. Sadly, nobody understood! Including the scientist from USA and Japan, which equipped with high tech machines. Nature knows better than us. The fishes have swum across the Pacific Ocean but scientists just can declare that they died because of panic and suffocation. Can fish suffocate without nothing? There must be a reason behind this odd behavior.

 11th March 2011, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake has shaken Japan. The earthquake contributed to 30ft (10m) huge waves or locally known 'tsunami'. About 10 thousands lives and homes were vanished. The area is totally damaged and could be the worst since world war 2.
Then two nuclear plants have exploded, bringing the area into a massive destruction and devastation. The plants were built for supplying electricity to the Fukishima and neighborhood area. Even though the plants are designed to receive shakes, but 9.0 magnitude is too big for them and for Japan entirely. This earthquake was the biggest in 140 years ago.
 The world now is towards instability. Unstable in politics and environment. We as the human kind should be ready to face this challenging era. This event brings something to think about. Just in three months, we can see three dictators were overthrown at Middle East and North Africa. At the same time, there are several countries still struggling from the 'tsunami'. 'Tsunami' of peoples voice.
God creates all this to show his power. He tests us and only the trust and patience will win. No other power can challenge Him even though you have the strongest defense forces, or you are the strongest economic nation. There is a no longer untouchable country. Let's pray for Japan and hope they managed to recover. 

Grateful to the blessings that were given.

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by firrbudi @ TIMA : 15 March 2011

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