Monday, March 21, 2011

Libya War and Al Aqsa : A New Colonialism and Continuity

Just a week after a big earthquake hitted Japan, the world have received a bad news again. A group of imperialists are attacking Libya. The richest oil reserve nation in Africa. Using the script of humanitarian and international voice; this attack must be done. They made the decision and used the name of United Nation - Lame. There must be something hiding behind this action. Who gave the order? America or United Nation? Both were wrong, 'zionists' were the culprits. Coincidently, jewish are now conquering the world from almost everything. They existed behind their cronies. These cronies exist worldwide lead by America's government. I don't blame American entirely but some of them know who is controlling their government now.
To all imperialists, did you know how many lives have been killed by Zionists in Palestine? How many years Palestinians have been suffered? None of you takes any action. You are totally coward and have been controlled by Jewish but majority of Muslims are not, that is why Muslims always being the target.
Libyan rejected foreign intervention and they can manage Gaddafi alone.

The story was begun in Palestine...

Salahuddin Al-Ayubi was one of the great warriors and great conquerors in world's history. During that time, his empire was trailed out from India to Spain. His famous quote is "Those who conquered Palestine (Jerusalem) they control the world." Jerusalem is a holy city for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Coincidence or not, Islam reached the time of greatness during his time after defeating crusaders at Jerusalem in 1187 A.D. Before that, Jerusalem has been conquered by crusaders since 1099.

Al-Aqsa Mosque

Al-Aqsa Mosque is the third sacred mosques for Muslims. However, many Muslims were deflected by the wrong image of Al Aqsa. The golden dome that we see above is actually 'the dome of rock'. It was introduced as Al-Aqsa Mosque by certain parties to  camouflage the existence of the real Al-Aqsa. So friends, please make your perception correct because our next generation or the other westerners people would not know if we keep in silence.

'The False Messiah' almost managed to deceive the Muslims but 'The Almighty God' knows everything. The world is closer to its end, beware!

*all images above are taken from various websites
by firrbudi @ Maju : 22th MArch 2011

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