Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why Edinburgh?

Finally, i made my decision. University of Edinburgh is my destination. Why? Some people say it is too far. Yes i agree, Edinburgh is located about 460 miles from London, the city centre of UK. It is one of the big city in Scotland, aside from Glasgow, Aberdeen & St. Andrew. I took a few months to think and seeking of informations about Edinburgh. Now i am sure this is the right place for me to persue my study. This city is amazing!


University of Edinburgh holds an excellent rating and ranking. It was ranked 5th in the UK and placed in the top 20 in the world (The Times Higher Education 2009 :


University of Edinburgh has teaching the world since 1583. The city itself been promoted as a world heritage by UNESCO and there are many magnificient site to visit.

Producer of world icons

Some icons produced by University of Edinburgh are Piers Sellers (NASA Astronaut), Gordon Brown (UK Prime Minister), Sir Chris Hoy (Cyclist Olympian), and Ian Rankin (Novelist).

Place where histories been created

Those who studied at the University of Edinburg during the beginning of modern era are Alexander Graham Bell (Inventor), and Charles Darwin (Philosopher).


Edinburgh is the only UK university, aside from Oxford University, to be a member of both the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and COIMBRA, a network of leading academic institutions.

Above all academic reasons mentioned, i have my own judgement, i will pursue my master programme at School of Arts, Culture & Environment, University of Edinburgh. Sustainable Design is my scope of study. So, i've studied several courses from some universities and i think Edinburgh has a better programme. The programme separated into 2 semesters. First semester starts from september to december, during 4 months, environmental subjects and sustainable methodologies will explained and to be mastered. After that we moved to second semester which is studio based design practical, which mean here we will implement our understanding about sustainable design to the real academic project. This semester will running from middle of january to middle of may. Finally, on summer, a dissertation will takes over from may to august, we will write a thesis report with at least 20,000 words or make another design project based on approved topics.

I believe Edinburgh can develope my fullest potential. This is not just because of having a world ranking university or having a good programme or living in positive learning environment but the most important is Edinburgh has its own challenges to strive for.

With the God wills, we will be there in September. There are many things to get prepared and hopefully we are ready to face the new world.

*All images above is taken from various internet sources.

by firrbudi @ Bangi : 06 March 2011 (Happy Birthday Azam!)


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    good luck...
    hope see you soon...
    (hancos BI, mcm mne nk bljr kt edenburgh ni..)

  2. What a choice bro..whatever it is, Edinburgh is welcoming u bro...anyway thanks for the wish..hahaha..