Friday, April 22, 2011

'Me & Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed'

He is my idol. He changes Malaysia from an agricultural to the industrial country. I was grown up in his era, starts from 1981 to 2003, he then retired after 22 years servicing as a Prime Minister of Malaysia.

His famous policy was 'look east'. This policy means Japan and Korea are examples of modern countries to be followed.

In 1985, he launched Malaysian first car 'Proton Saga' and a few years after that, proton's car dominated about 85% cars on Malaysia roads.

He also the man who promoted Malaysia as a tourism destination by launching some promotions worldwide. Among the excellent idea was '1990 year visit Malaysia'.

KLCC Tower was the first tallest building in the world been built outside America was also been constructed during his era. The twin towers were completed in 1998 after seven years under construction. The buildings are still the tallest twin building in the world. That is why it is a twin.

In 1998, the second largest sport event in the world 'Commonwealth Games' was held in Kuala Lumpur. The event gave a big impact to Malaysia. Since that time, Malaysia been recognized worldwide.

There are some unrecorded achievements, which done during his leadership. He took back 'Sime Darby Corporation' from the hands of the colonialists and now being one of the mega companies in Malaysia.

As a Malaysian, I am very proud of him. He is a legend for me. He made a lot of important decisions and of course as a human being, he did some mistakes, but he is still a great leader for Malaysia.

This is a short story about him. I feel very grateful could live in the golden era of Malaysia. Thank you Dr. Mahathir.
by firrbudi @ National Mosque, Kuala Lumpur : 22nd April 2011

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