Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'TANDEM' - How a friendship can help you?

What is TANDEM?

"Launched in Edinburgh in 2007, TANDEM is a popular language exchange programme run by Students Association. If you are a language student, an international student keen to meet local students, or a native English speaker wanting to improve your language skills, then TANDEM is for you. TANDEM is designed to help you meet people and learn languages in a fun, relaxed, social environment without tutors, exams or lectures." -

TANDEM is a simple way to gain something from a relationship. As we know, everybody who lived in this world cannot avoid in having a relationship. No matter who they are as long as they know each other a relationship may occur. Usually, our friends are someone who having similar criteria with us such as lived in the same area or studied in the same school. Furthermore, like we are they are speaking with the same language as well. So, to have a second or third language is an advantage. The languages could assist us while we are doing a field study or while working as a journalist. As a Malay, everyday I used my native language to communicate. After realized the lack of my English language ability, I keep learning through many sources, and recently I found TANDEM, it can also assist me to improve my English skills especially in speaking and writing. In return, I can teach 'Bahasa Indonesia or Bahasa Malaysia' to anybody who interested. 'Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia' are not very far different. They are sharing most of the vocabulary to each other. The only major different is the accent, but it is still understandable.

As a conclusion, a friendship contributes some benefits to us. It will happen when the relationship is built on honest intention. I would like to give a salutation to the inventor of TANDEM for this great idea; they made this world became more reachable and understandable. Congratulation!
by firrbudi @ TIMA : 20th April 2011

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