Monday, June 20, 2011

Fly To Edinburgh : Processes & Procedures (Chapter 2)

CHAPTER 2 : Processes & Procedures

Alhamdulillah to god for what he gave to me. This is so unbelievable, so special and I never think this moment can happen in my life. I started my preparation in December 2010 where I suppose to attend a patriotic course called BTN. The course has thought and supplied us a massage of appreciation for the peaceful relationship between our multicultural societies in Malaysia. Government of Malaysia spends hundreds of million to sponsor hundreds of Malaysian students and government servants each year to cope with globalization environment nowadays.

After the BTN course had done, the IELTS test is waiting for me. Again, I have to make an aggressive preparation. Day and night, in the office, while I’m driving; everything is about English. I don’t want the deficiency shuts the opportunity. I really believe in myself and logic around me is always dominated my thinking. What ever it is everything is upon god wills. Alhamdulillah I made it well.

Then, 2011 has arrived and I know the year will be the busiest year in my life. It starts from January, the six weeks Q&A course already been prepared for me, the course is a preparation course and it is good for us to get the mood as a student again; after 6 years leave out the school. I would like to thanks to all my friends and lecturers for their supports and commitments. Without their cooperation, I will never get what I’ve got now.

What I have gone through is likely the unfinished business and it continues to the visas processes and medical checkups for the whole family. When I reached to this stage, I feel it awaken me up, 2 months to get it all done! Do I have an enough time? That is the fact, it is the only way; I could not make visa applications earlier than 3 month before my first class begins and for that I have to make sure they provided me a CAS reference number. The CAS is a ‘confirmation of studies’ reference number from my sponsored university. Which mean without this number I will never can apply a visa.

After all completed and submitted to JPA, then they will give to me a travel tickets and allowances for our starting aid in Edinburgh. I will be there for a year. It just a short of time but the experiences are priceless.

To be continued in chapter 3 : Get Ready To Fly

written by firrbudi @ TIMA : 20th June 2011


  1. tahniah balaq utk futher study.. moga ilmu dan pengalaman belajar di sana menjadikan anda seorang arkitek + photographer hebat..

  2. tq bro... bila dth HQ singgah TIMA tingkat 8...