Monday, February 20, 2012

The Beauty of Sustainable Life

‘Sustainable Life’

While studying about sustainable design in Edinburgh, I’ve found a new life. A life with everything is moderated. The life that is not a concern to excessive and lucrative.  Do not put any burden on anything that is not our capabilities (or our needs). Respect and think like a forest, how the forest can sustain its ecology and bio diversity. How the trees can supply foods and be a shelter for all wildlife, and how the animals give back the goods to the trees. That is what I called ‘sustainable life’. This cannot be equated to a socialist or communist ideology; it’s all about live together. This understanding is the least in all of human thoughts. Human thinks how to go to the moon; they are busy to generate more electricity energy than enhancing a balance ecosystem. The aims are to be the most modernized country in the region, richer than their neighborhood countries, having sophisticated weapons and larger demarcation of boundaries, by influence or military. Are those we supposed to be? Are we going to race until the doomsday comes? Indeed for the time, human are in excruciating loss.

To achieve a sustainable life, human need several common interests. Live together, respect each other and dispose all of greed feelings. The most important thing is live with the earth, soil, trees, animals and ecosystems. We went too far on accommodate our interests. We built long roads, large building with long terraces, cut the trees and kill the animals for nothing, unstoppable. They believe that urbanization is an achievement, building a concrete jungle is a great benchmark, while for me is not. I would prefer to live in a modesty city like Edinburgh rather than living in an arrogance Glasgow. Some people think they perfectly matched with urban lifestyle, but some people not. There are pros and cons on everything, but when we say ‘back to basic’ and ask ourselves what we actually need, the answer will always to a balance environment. And that is why, millions of money spent for vacations to islands, tropical jungles and mountains all over the world. Are those cool environments can sustain forever?

The main objective of my writing is peoples have to start thinking how to create a best environment for all living things not only for themselves alone. Many architects, planners or whoever involved in this built environment field, know how to create best environment for human and other living things together, but it all just to look nice on paper. Everything is all about profit and to raise the price of the properties only.  Either the builders do not understand how an ecosystem works, or they have lacked of honesty. Sustainable life is not only a concern about the local foods' supplies, energy-efficient buildings and having a greener world. It is also about the sustainable social structure, politics, banking and everything.

The recent tragedies happen in Europe and Middle East countries gave the answer why we need to sustain everything. Debt's crisis in a few European countries, for example, had been giving a sign that the currency system in this modern world not sustains enough. Currency value is measured by a country’s economic situation, regardless of the source of the national income. Money leased with something of no value, paper money as an example is just a piece of paper with a printed number on it. This kind of paper can be printed millions of times without limit, and this is the bad effect of the modern capitalist financial system. I believe a few years more; there will be a lot of countries will have the same fate. The country to a group of people but not belong to them. They pay 100 times more than the real prize is. Sustainable life concept could help those people to get their life back. Remove all the lucrative lifestyles or dreams and think of the needs only, living with a joint welfare of neighboring communities. The real and meaningful life will emerge again.

Written by Firrbudi aka Lensahijau @ Edinburgh, Scotland : 20 February 2012


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  2. Boleh punya, insyaAllah ada nnti rezeki... nak dtg melawat pun boleh....