Friday, December 17, 2010

Running and keep running...

I am running,
She is running,
We are running,
Someone knows their final destination,
But some do not,
I know where i am heading to,
But HE knows everything what HE planned,

I am running,
And keep running,
There are many obstacles along my path,
Some hurt me,
But some release me,
Someone left me far behind,
But many others is behind me,

I am running,
To catch time,
But time does not wait for me,
I left by the time,
Again, i am running,
I fell but linger,
I know that there is flicker at twilight,

It is convenient me to run,
Eventhough in the unlit but still its radiated for me.
I feel so feebly,
Can i permeate the last wall,
I hope so,
HE knows what is good for me and others.
If god willing,
I will be there....

by firrbudi @ TIMA : 17th Disember 2010

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