Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bills of Experience... Edinburgh in Memory...

These are the things in my wallet for a few months. Absolutely they are just some faded tickets, bills and receipts but for me they are worth than everything. They are bills of experience while I was in Edinburgh almost a year ago. I have to admit that I couldn't put aside those memories of being there and gained many great experiences. I wish that I could come back and stay longer. Maybe to fulfil my doctorate ambition. In this city I've learned how to be a better person, a more responsible father to my family and a better Muslim for my religion. I'm so grateful.

Laying on hilly terrain that makes you appealing to be tapped
Cool breezes from the north that makes you chilled
Castle on your top makes you a historic brink
That is all about you

I walked on your path to find for guidance
My family on your belly to search for happiness
We were there to feel your emotions
That is all about us

Call us back, call us back
All though thee way
But still close to thee

Written by Firrbudi aka Lensahijau : 30th July 2013

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