Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sustainable Design : The Statement


‘Sustainable design’ has been a hot topic, now it appears again. When earth has been contaminated with construction related issues and peoples are keep trying and exploring to find the best solution to iron out these matters. One of the best solutions to use is ‘sustainable design’. The solution can solve many construction issues related.

As an architect that has been designing various types of building, satisfaction is the most important to me. Satisfaction comes from many aspects including design matter, concept, and technology. There is another thing can satisfy me, it is contribution from the technology of the construction itself to the society. It is to create a better life to the future of our next generation.

From my past experience, designing a building is not just to draw the walls and openings. Furthermore, many architects now are just concentrating on the looks of the building rather than to think on how to create a homely building. In fact, every line that we draw must have a reason. During my study, my lecturer always reminds me to design a human proportion building. Without the human scale the building will looks like a problematic bulky sculpture.

For Malaysia situation, high humidity, heavy rain and extremely hot are the major keys to this type of weather. So, glass wall and flat roof are not suitable to use. But these two features are the most preferred by the designers. As an architect who worked with the government, takes the challenge to find out what is the best for my country weather is my responsibility.

Public Works Department of Malaysia is a main body to provide an infrastructure to the whole country in terms of government buildings, roads and bridges. All the policies drafted by the cabinet should be translated by PWD and to be followed by other sectors of construction fields. To learn more about ‘sustainable design’, I have to attend a coursework related which is from the UK’s universities because it is among best proven.

The coursework aimed to examine the level of implementation of sustainable design technology to the existing government buildings in Malaysia. The study on sustainable technologies to the government buildings design is important to establish a new mechanism in the management of government buildings. With this approach, asset management facilities can be assisted with the building sustainable technologies to operate better in terms of efficiency, economically and even comfortable for the occupants. It is important for all buildings to reduce overall energy consumption and financial provision for maintenance and indirectly help to reduce operational cost amount to hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

The first objective of this study is to identify the implementation of sustainable technologies into government buildings design to realize energy saving building. Meanwhile, the second objective is to study the effectiveness of the impact on sustainable technologies onto government buildings in terms of planning, design, usage of environmental friendly building materials as well as contributing towards the development of Industrial Building Structure (IBS). Research will identify the areas of sustainable technologies that can be applied to a government building. Collection of samples through the case studies will be done by selecting a number of government buildings in United Kingdom and Malaysia as a model / sample comparisons to determine the positive effects resulting from the implementation of sustainable technology on government buildings design.

All research will be collected through literature review and the specific work in the classroom to the subject (core study) and electives offered by the university. In summary this study will provide a proposal in the approach of technology / architecture that will provide direct benefits to the economy, society and comfort level of positive development towards the environment through the government buildings in Malaysia.
by firrbudi @ Maju Tower : 29 September 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Family : Our Dreams...

This is our family. For this time being there are only 4 of us. As a human, we have our own dreams. There are hundred of dreams but only a few are the toughest among all. To realize these dreams are the most difficult to get but it will be the best moments i ever had. Trust and pleased is the basic feeling that we should have. Proper planning is the most important thing. It does not matter of time but it is the matter of result we will get. It may takes 5 years or more to grab something precious, just do the things that we had planned. For me, i have tried my best to realize my dreams. My past years told me that there is nothing impossible if there is a desire, there is a way.

My dark age is starting from the age of 15 till 17. At that age, i rebelled and tried to free from my own imagination problems. Until one day i realize and wake up from a long dream. That time is about april 1997, and i have only 6 months to prepare for final SPM exam. My previous results on previous examinations told how bad i am. From that awareness, i planned and rescheduled my study day and night, continue to pray and finally the dream is achieved. That is an old story but whatever it is, believe and strive is the key to success.

Now, i am dreaming again. Dreaming for the impossible dreams a year ago. Now it is so close to me, and again i have to be patience and strive again. For a year ahead, i'm sure there are many challenges to be encountered before another dream to be resolved. It will not end up here, another challenges are waiting for me for another a year ahead. I hope that my patience and luck will be faithful with me.

by firrbudi @ Maju Junction : 24 September 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Eidulfitri from Us...

Selamat Hari Raya Eidulfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Parliament House of Malaysia, Burj Dubai Hotel & Benedictine Order : The Hidden Agenda

Burj Dubai Hotel is the world's luxurious hotel on this planet and also the largest Christian cross in the world. Unfortunately, this building is facing The Holy Land Mecca. A great achievement for 'Benedictine Order'. What about in Malaysia? 

Receiving an award like degree or masters degree is everyone's dream, isn't it? But, did we notice that graduation ceremony is more alike priest ritual ceremony? Who introduced this at the first place? We do have our own style in doing it, don't we? Why should we copy this without questioning it?

Malaysia is one of the commonwealth countries and most of the Malaysia's laws and regulations were adopted from British Laws. In fact, the Malaysia's parliament house was also designed by a British architect. There were some hidden motives behind the parliament's design which it can be considered as the biggest christian cross in Malaysia. Why i said so? You can describe it yourselves. Some people try to deny this but your eyes can't, your heart also telling the same thing like the others - there is a big cross on its fa├žade, isn't? So, this is not a rumour, this is the truth but Malaysians do not know this until they read this article. Should i shut my mouth? Or should you shut yours and think it again.

This is Parliament House of Malaysia. The architect for this building is William Ivor Shipley. He graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) in London. My topic today is not about the architectural language, but it is about the hidden agenda behind the design of the building itself. It has been built in 1962 and still being used, until now.

What is the Parliament House? And what its impact to the local community?

Parliament is a symbol of democracy, independent and sovereignty in a country, including Malaysia. In other words, parliament has been placed to be at the top of the constitution. There are a lot of essays described about the building before, and most of it were gave credentials and praises on its architecture that showed the democratic language. Not exempted to Malaysian who gave the honours to this building which actually unnoticed that we were accepted a new form of  colonialist.

I do not know what can be the bidder for this suffocate environment. The only media that I have to realize is write it down and publish it on my blog. Furthermore, I have to write it in English to make sure this massage spreads out all over the world. And I realize my ability is so limited. Sorry for my lacking.

Let's think again about our life, what we wear, eat, watch and practice. Everything is controlled by 'Benedictine Order'. We are totally adapting their culture and order. Apart from that, my question to you, what is the precious portraiture in your home? It will be the graduation ceremony, rite? Did you notice that the robe that we wear was similar with priest robe? Now, people around the world are aiming and dreaming to be on the stage receiving a degree or any certificate, it surely without intending that we are working with them to spread the understanding of 'Benedictine Order' to the local community. We facilitate their works in silence.

Wake up!

by firrbudi @ Maju Junction : 07 September 2010

Atok's World...

Learn from the elder...

My grandfather is a great guy. Atok is the coolest person in the world. While we are busy collecting wealth and money, Atok lived in so modesty world. Atok does not care anything about what most of us and other people searching for. He just live as he is and he never effected with modernisation, global world or 'benedictine order'. He is so genuine. Eventhough he has the chance to change his life, but he choose to stay, he choose to remain. Sometimes i wonder why, now i realize the reason. That is why Atok never looks as his actual age. I wish i could be like him.

At his early age, everyday Atok rides bicycle to everywhere, until he gets married and until now, he is still riding. In 1970's, he worked at tin mine at Kampar, Perak. The distance from our house to Kampar is about 40-50km. Without any excuses he rides everyday to work and he never be late. One day his chinese superior (former) asked him, "Sangit, where is your house?" And he replied, "Oooh not very far, just half an hour from here." The chinese continues, "Ok". The conversation ended. My grandfather is a very dedicated worker, he will do any job with full of patience and that is why his superior takes care about him so much. When the times out, Atok takes his bicycle and continues riding as usual. This time his superior followed him until atok reached home.

The next day, the chinese superior called atok and offered him a motorbike. He said "Sangit, your house is very far away, i followed you yesterday. I am so pity with you, now i'm offering you this motorbike, please accept and use it." Atok refuses to accept and then he gives it to the other person. Someone gives to him a motorbike for free and he rejected it. There is no other person like my grandfather in this world. Again i wonder why?

Back to the word 'benedictine order' (BO), what is that? Realize or not, we live in the world with 'order'. The 'order' makes everybody busy to collect wealth, to study as high as you can, to live comfortably and luxurious as everybody wants, all of these is an order. Who makes or drives us to all these things? The answer is no body. BO teached us from the first of our breath to the last of our life. BO teached that certificate is everything you need to survive, money is the key of life and to live with honour. Without certificate you are no body, without money you live in the 'third world nation'. This is the most dangerous enemy for muslim. This BO is more alike fantasy, it makes everybody dreaming and drunk. This is what we called "incitement of dajjal". Nauzubillah.

Can you imagine the world without dream, dreams the untrue world, there will be no fight, no war, no repression, no debts and creditors and etc. Unlucky we are living with it now. Now our generations are poisoning by this incitement. Come and make this world livable by rejecting this order. Islam is a way of life, it is perfect, the Koran teached us to live peacefully.

That is the answer of why my grandfather rejecting all of the comfort things offered. He knows that dreams will bring us to hypocrisy, fight with our own brothers, and finally human conflict will occur. Come on everybody, wake up from your deeply dreams. Now is the time to think which is true and untrue, which is the real world and the unreal. The time has come.

Lets learn from the elder...

by firrbudi @ Maju Tower : 06 September 2010